Saturday, April 13, 2019

UFC 236 Main Card Preview 2019

Holloway first stepped against Dustin  "The dimoand" Poirier in 2012, when he was only 20 years old, at his first appearance in UFC. In their last fight, Poirier won by making the first round but much has changed since then. And you can see how the match looks like Holloway vs. Burir in 2019 with live broadcast of UFC 236.

While the Main Card won’t begin until later in the evening at 10pm ET (7pm PT, 3am BST), you can tune in earlier at 6.15pm ET (3.15pm PT, 11.15pm BST) to catch the Early Prelims or at 8pm ET (5pm PT, 1am BST) to watch the Prelims.

Now Holloway is the current champion in the weight of the feather and has raised the weight class for this game, but will he be able to settle the result with Borir to become the new temporary light weight champion?

But it's not about Holloway vs Bohrer tonight. In the second final of the tournament in UFC 236, Israel will play Adizania with Kevin Gastlum to get the temporary average weight title. Israel has now defeated and returned in February, at the main event in UFC 234, and has won a prominent victory over Anderson Silva. The current world champion Robert Whittaker takes some time to rest after his recent injury, but who will win a Saturday fight is likely to face him as soon as he returns.