Saturday, April 20, 2019

Amir Khan vs Terence Crawford Fight preview 2019

Amir Khan (33-4, 20 KOs) was out of the ring for over a year before returning to victory in successive battles against Phil Le Greko and Samuel Vargas.. But Terence Crawford (34-0, 25 KOs) is a new level of Khan to play, he is not only three-fold heroes of the world, but he is considered one of the best fairy boxers for the pound at the moment.

What date is it? It's fight night! Crawford vs Khan is happening today - Saturday, April 20.

What time is it? The fight is expected to start no earlier than 11pm ET, 8pm PT. So that's an early morning/late night 4am BST in the UK.

Where is it? The boxing is taking place at New York's famous Madison Square Garden.
While the 32-year-old Khan may be seen as at the end of his career by some, the former unified net weight champion is still punching the pile and Crawford may give some real problems in the ring.