Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Georgia vs. Texas Preview Sugar Bowl 2019

It's serious, including all 6 Ohio takes on # 9 Washington in one and Rose Bowl. While the College football games have the most attention these days, for my money, there are wonderful balls game in college football more than Rose Bowl game, even when not hosting the semifinals for FP. There is something about the coronation Classic Champion "top 10" competing against hero Pac-12 in one of the most picturesque places imaginable. Everything from fully trimmed grass into paint schemes seem like college football, an experience all college football fans should try try if possible.

Ohio State Buckeyes team: a lot under the supervision of Urban Meyer's team, but this is the first time that the group plays Rose Bowl under his leadership, the timing could not be better if we take into account that this game will be the final match for the Director of Ohio. Enters the Buckeyes game as top ten heroes with a record 12-1, the seventh consecutive season with at least 10 victories under Meyer. Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins, which finished third in the voting lhisman trophy, are three impressive passes of 50 in a season. If he managed to get there, it will be the first professional player in power since in Sanford sambord SIC 2008 to throw 50 earthquake in one season.

Washington: Pac-12 group enters the heroes in the game as a result of 10-3, has won 10 games in three consecutive seasons for the first time in the history of the program. Play [hoskis] also in their ninth straight Bowl game which connects [prog education] set of 1979-87. In other words, Chris Petersen tends to his side, even if slightly dropped earlier ambitions for college football Center. This is the first time where Washington with the Rose Bowl since the year 2000, this will be the last games for each of the cube's Jake Browning, RB miles Gascoigne. Both had Browning weghaskin type standard records in Washington during their work, where they both leave school as leaders of the program at all times in the squares and spaces (through Browning, heading to Gascoigne).

Event: Rose Bowl
Date: Tuesday, Jan. 1 | Time: 5 p.m. ET
Location: The Rose Bowl -- Pasadena, California

You must be this year's game between Ohio and Washington rattling. This will be the 12th meeting between the schools, and the first time since 2007. The most surprising thing is that both schools will realize what XV in "Rose Bowl", associated with the "Stanford" to the third highest number ever (USC has 34 while Michigan has 20), but they never did not play each other in this game. Washington 7-6-1 in 14 games while Ohio 7-7.