Saturday, December 22, 2018

Washington redskins vs Tennessee titans NFL 2018 Preview

Tennessee will be home for a holiday to greet Washington on Saturday at 4:30 pm. Tennessee has a defense that only allows 18, 14 points per game, so Washington's work will ease them.

Tennessee got the blackboard against the Giants last week, but the Giants did not follow suit. They won the 17-0 result on the Giants.

How To Watch
When: Saturday at 4:30 PM ET
Where: Nissan Stadium, Tennessee
TV: NFL Network

Meanwhile, Washington lost a frightening loss of targets against the Giants two weeks ago, but it kept its chin and wore it last Sunday. Washington beat Jacksonville 16-13.

They are preferred in this, with a margin of victory expected 10.5 points. They are currently two for ATS in their last games, and the two-way bookmakers may want to take into consideration.

Their victories were shocked to 8-6-1 and Washington to 7-7-1. In their triumph, they relied heavily on Derek Henry, who rushed about 170 yards and 2 from the landing on 33 bears. Washington will need to find a way to minimize its impact if they want to win.