Saturday, August 11, 2018

English Premier League 2018-2019 Matches Preview

There are some in-depth polls in excellent Premier League out there, but you may not have the time or attention for them, and we understand that. For this reason, there is one thing to know about each team before the beginning of the season.

Arsenal-rendering... The vertical! In the rear half of the era of Arsene finger, Arsenal was at its best when played in a fast and straightforward manner. Unfortunately, the cup of tea was not really a singer, so the Gunners didn't do that much. Under Unai Emery, this is likely to change.

Bournemouth-Relying on internal improvement Cherry buys as many attackers as possible over the past two seasons, but they slowed down dramatically. Two defensive players, David Rico and Jefferson, joined the young quarterback David Brooks, but it was a quiet window for the creeks who had more incomes than incomes.

Burnley -More than himself If you like 2017-18 Burnley, you will want to 2018-19 Burnley. No key players are left, and all the new players are more in depth than the game change-Joe Hart, plus stars starring Ben Gibson and Matig Vader. They will defend and come out and expel their way to a solid end in the middle of the table.

Chelsea-This is the middle line with It took a long time for Chelsea to get a new director Maurizio Surrey out of Naples, so it took a long time for the Blues to settle in the transfer of their business. Maybe they wanted to make some changes to the attack and the defense they never had access to, so no one would expect to work for miracles in the first year. Finishing the fourth place will be great.

Everton-more volatility in ground transportation The large transfers made by Toffees last summer were disastrous. Davy Klain, Wayne Rooney and Andrew Ramirez were unqualified statues. There is still hope that Michael Kane, Sinke Tucson and Gilvy Sigordson can achieve good results, but they did not have impressive seasons.

Liverpool-Jesus just watch this special video of Napa Keita Liverpool was already the most enjoyable team in the English Premier League, and they added this guy. It's a definite date.

Manchester City-I've only got 99% of the test? Fail! Everyone who works in Manchester City will know how to look like those parents who are demanding a discount of "a" and "graduation" from Harvard Medical School. The Premier League title is not good enough for the citizens. Spectacular stunning soccer and memorial awards are not enough.

Manchester United-Jose already has his reserved house. Welcome to Jose Morinho, third year. This is where the error always occurs. One special is a glitch. To aggravate the insult, his boss is a moron.