Saturday, November 4, 2017

Daniel Jacobs vs Luis Arias Showtime Preview

Wilder will put a heavy weight belt on the light against Berman Stevens Saturday night, but there is a lot at stake for Wilder. Heavyweight Champion is finally getting a fight, but he's less than thrilled about it. Wilder said if he loses in front of Stevens at the main event on Saturday, he is thinking of retiring. It was supposed to be fighting against Luis Ortiz, but after the failure of Ortiz in the drug test in September, Stevens was shocked by the Niedercard to fight the 38-0 Wilder. Wilder has won 37 battles by knockout only one by resolution, coming against Stevens in 2015.

There may be long variations for Stevens, but Wilder is coming in this battle with a little uninspiring mentality. Maybe a young fighter can use this to his advantage. Wilder won Stevens two years ago to claim to put his world champion. At the Niedercard, Sean Porter is fighting again to get his hero status, and he will continue along that journey against Adrian Granados. Dominique Breszel and Eric Molina will remain invalid.

How to watch Daniel Jacobs vs Luis Arias
Date: Saturday, Nov. 11
Main event time: 10 p.m. ET
Location: Barclays Center -- Brooklyn, New York
Channel: Showtime

Sergei Lipbenites and Akhiro Kondo will also face off to the world IP-vacated title super lightweight. The undefeated Lebenites is 12-0 with 10 victories by knockout, and was supposed to fight the Terancy Crawford. He will now go in blind against Kondo, whose talents are relatively unknown. It's a lot of battles that feature fighters without much to lose, so the Wondercard promises the advantage of a lot of work. The Grudge game of Stevens Wilder is just a cherry on top, as Stevens tries to avenge the loss that he has already suffered in the hands of Wilder.