Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week 4: Seahawks vs Colts 2017 Preview

Week 4 of the 2017 NFL season will feature Sunday Night Football game on Sunday, October 1, 2017 The crew of the Sunday Night Football is heading to the northwest Pacific this week where Seattle will host the Indianapolis Sioux Hawks.  The sithooks are my favourite 13 favorite points against Andrew Luck less Colts, even from the opening of Seattle-12.5.

The hyper-under 41 opened under, meaning the Vegas 41 believes the total points will be recorded, and since then the point has risen half. All three teams you prefer to drop or over last week have either been explicitly lost or not covered, so will the buck Hawks trend?

Before you bet on a high-level game like that, you'll want to hear what veteran handedecer Josh Naryes would say. He has won many handicapped contests and has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. From the inside West Coast, it's a buzz in the choice of sithooks games, no matter who they are playing. He's gone 5.1 picking them up and against them since last year, and he has his finger on the beat of Carol's house team.

Reporter Colts Mike Wells from Aspen gives the edge to the C-hooks, 27-13. "Seattle gets the edge in battle 1-2 team because it plays at home, where the noise of crowds will play a factor, especially since the coltan has called for seven high-lying patrolling sanctions this season. Elliott Harrison in is witnessing a victory in Seattle as a result of 27-14, "the Hawks, who allowed the passengers 100 yards in each of the last two games, did not suffer the indignation of three running since 2006. I don't think Frank Gore gets there. "

Pete Bresko in sees the triumph of the 31-10 Hawks, "Andrew Locke was supposed to be against Russell Wilson, but he is Jacoby Brescet against the Bum Corps, play well Brisit last week against Brown, but this is great in the rise of talent, and you must sail the Sehawks at 1-2, this is when you start turning around. David Steele in Sporting News praises the Kolts Rakak Jacoby team played over the past two weeks, but he chooses the Hawks to win 28-23, "How could this the season that Kolts was looking for was Jacoby Brescet, as a brand new as it was at the time, and the game began against Ramiz instead of Scott Tolzin Brisit looks better every week and looked like he belonged to Brown. "

Chris Simms in gives the hooks the edge, 21-19, for two reasons, "This game is in Seattle, and it's only in the third Colts starting for a quarter definitive Jacoby, he'll face the best defense he's seen in the NFL, he'll do it in one of the way environments Roast there. " Michael David Smith and Mike Floreio at all take advantage of Seattle, with the Mads taking the 31-13 and Florio picking the Hawks 17.13.