Sunday, October 1, 2017

NFL Week 4 Preview 2017

There are eight games in the NFL this week that teams up with 2.1 or better records are against each other. This should provide a slightly clearer picture of competitors where the league reaches its quarter pole. Of the seven games, there are four clashes between the people, including the Burunkos invaders on Sunday afternoon. Which difference can create some separation as these races start to heat? (All games Sunday unless otherwise stated.)

Game of the Week: Redskins (2-1) at Chiefs (3-0), 6:30 p.m., Monday.. This game features two most of the electric football players this season in Washington, Lord Chris Thompson (12.9 yards per touch this season) and Kansas City rising Lord Hunt (leading 401 yards hurrying).

Bears (1-2) at Packers (2-1), 6:25 p.m., Thursday Thursday. Chicago turned into a term game in overtime to triumph over Pittsburgh, which was desperately needed, and kept the bears inside the game of the North NFC lead. Green Bay before Aaron Rodgers completes 66 percent of his passes through three games.

Saints (1-2) at Dolphins (1-1), 7:30 a.m. Miami crime lost last week in a massive confusion from 20 to 6 to the rebuilding planes. Maybe they can recover in London against the New Orleans defense which abandons 437.7 yards per game, the second worst sign in the league.

Jaguars (2-1) at Jets (1-2), 11 a.m, Jacksonville Defense was a sudden force, and hit again last week with the limit of Baltimore to just 186 yards in win 44-7. Jets were just as impressive in closing the Dolphins last week.

Steelers (2-1) at Ravens (2-1), 11 a.m Baltimore before Joe Flaco was terrible at losing the Jaguar in London (8-from 18 to 28 yards, two ants) and Ben Rothliberger was not much better for the Steelers in their loss of the Bears. Whatever before he can rebound his team will be in the first place in northern AVC.

Detroit (2-1) at Minnesota (2-1), 11 a.m. Lions is the coup d'├ętat that was re-overturned, again, in another armistice away from defeat. Now they are facing with the second largest cyclical slowdown in Minnesota rookie Cook (288 yards in three games).

Bills (2-1) at Falcons (3-0), 11 a.m. With Patroowitz looking for a great weakness on defense, does Buffalo have a shot to win East AVC? The invoices can make a big statement with the winning of the Atlanta team who defeated but away from perfection.

Panthers (2-1) at Patriots (2-1), 11 a.m.. Carolina Lord Christian Mcavery has not yet had a big impact in the game range (25-73 yards), but it averages 9.6 yards per fishing at 18 receptions. The Brian Cox (10 catches for 256 yards) was a great deep threat to patrytes before Tom Brady.

Titans (2-1) at Texans (2-1), 11 a.m if Tennessee could continue the lord of Desmarco Murray (115 yards in triumph over Sihawks is a big threat in the running game, led by Marcus Maruta, it may be difficult to deal with.

Cincinnati (0-3) at Cleveland (0-3), 11 a.m. One of these teams will reach the quarter-quarter season with a triumph. Bengal would like to see a spark of upward Lord Joe Michason. Cleveland does not receive a wide receiver over nine catches this season.

Rams (2-1) at Cowboys (2-1), 11 a.m. Los Angeles by Jared Goff, the number one choice in the draft 2016 NFL, has flourished under general trainer I Sean Mcfay. Victory over the Cowboys would indicate that the real RAM rivals for the Western Crown are NFC.

Eagles (2-1) at Chargers (0-3), 2:05 p.m. Philadelphia won the second goal of the second position of 61 yards on Sunday. The two losses suffered three of the lost field targets at the end of the organization. This difference is much more congruent than its records indicate.

49ers (0-3) at Cardinals (1-2), 2:05 p.m. Carlos Hyde was a big weapon for 49ers, averaging more than 100 yards per game. At the same time, the Cardinals struggled on the ground without injuring the Lord of David Johnson.

Giants (0-3) at Buccaneers (1-1), 2:05 p.m the wide receiver O'Dell Beckham provided (two landings) for the Giants batch great in the narrow loss of the wall, but New York is still hampered by a range game that averages only 48.7 yards per contest.

Colts (1-2) at Seahawks (1-2), 6:30 p.m. Seattle gives incredible 146 yards hurrying in the game, a big culprit in a faint start. Meanwhile, Indianapolis abandons 283.7 yards per game, the fourth most periodicals in the league.