Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NBA Game 2017 preview

Today is finally on us. Tembrowus will make for the first time long awaited in this new NBA season tonight because they are facing off the San Antonio Spears.Since the business of Iqbal on a day project, we've been waiting months to see the list of new Wolves finally playing some real basketball. Jamie Butler and Tom Thibault have reunited and led one of the best young nuclei in the league in Carl-Anthony and Andrew Wiggins townships.

Three new freshmen will start the first season in the butler season and the crown of Gibson and Jeff Tijo. Long gone are the free wheel days of Ricky Rubio and the high sports of Zack Lavigne. Bruce is a bounce, magical Spanish unicorn shipped to Utah Jazz. Instead, wolves will include a team focused on the bully ball, punishing their opponent in paint and even stress the offensive rebounds and free throws. The defense is supposed to grow hard in the end, as veterans convince the effort and implementation of the young stars.

As always, Tom Thibault will spend the game barking rudely from the margin, intent on perfection and treating those nearby to a choir that evokes the Axesticas. In other words, the NBA season is back, and even though we have the excitement tinged by a grotesque injury for Gordon Hayward last night, one can only feel the joy in the idea of watching Wolves play some meaningful basketball once again. Tonight, this new team takes over San Antonio Spears. Spears is often considered a franchise model in the NBA. The team was as good as the wolves were objectively awful.

For intelligence, in the past 10 years, the spoers are 33-6 against Wolves. They had a sequence of 16 games against Wolves from 2006-2011 and currently on 13 consecutive games against the Minnesota team. Part of the problem was the wolves were always exactly the kind of team that Spears was ready. Youth teams with players who do not adhere to the defense systems or succeed fully in the implementation on both sides of the court.

But this is the beginning of the reign of the new Wolves. This is no longer a team stored with young players in all domains. It is odd to say this, but given the injuries of COIs Leonard and Tony Parker, both of whom are not playing tonight, this is a game of wolves must win.