Saturday, October 7, 2017

Crolla vs Burns 2017 Fight Preview

Anthony Crolla won a world title of 135 pounds, winning the final game in 2015, after he was robbed of winning his first battle, which returned to a tie. Once defended against Ismail Barroso, the implementation of a risky but well designed game plan designed to frame the recession outside, then lost twice to Georgie Linares.

He was not the deepest division in the last few years, but as a player, Rola was in weight, and fought wonderfully against Linares, who was, frankly, a layer above it in terms of skill. When you really look at it, he's gone on a strong run since 2013, returns to victories on Gavin Reese, Steven Foster, and John Murray. He was the best quality for him in the ring. He is a tough fighter who does not abandon the odds, and generally makes for an entertaining battle. He's got young on his side in this game, but we also have to see how he's excluded from the Linares losses.

The fight is on Saturday, October 7 at the Manchester Arena. Expect the ring walk to be at around 10pm on SKY Sports.

Cruella has the edge to go to battle although he suffered defeats back to Jorge Linares's back. The quality of the massive opposition must stand in a good position against Burns, which was smuggled by Julius Andungu in April April. The Cruella must be very fresher after having fought last time in March while Burns must cut to 135 pounds again at the age of 34.

My favorite at home was a real player in 135lbs though two losses for Linares while Burns did not fight in light weight since November November 2015. The Manchester Stadium in favor of Krula must also work with Burns, who fights 35 of his 48 shifts in Scotland. Burns, however, has the access feature and with both men expected to come out with high guard, three inches on the Cruella can be a great feature.