Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Things to Know about Atlanta Falcons NFL 2017

Super Bowl residue aside. Any "analysis" of this amount to conjecture. The biggest question facing this team is, what will the crime look like under the new coordinator Steve Sargsyan? This spring, there was talk of adding new wrinkles.

That's a good line for walking. On the one hand, the quickest way to lag behind it is not to evolve. On the other hand, new wrinkles mean changing what was already one of the greatest crimes in the history of the NFL. If Sarkisian went out and said, "I'm going to imitate whatever Kyle Shanahan did," it would be hard to mistake him.

2. Under Shanhan, the game of Hawk land and air attacks has been synced altogether. An out-of-the-ground game block naturally brings a potential game of action gameplay, which uses the High League Hawks 27% of the time, according to foreign football. This kind of feature can turn an artful field space like Ryan's Matt in MAFB. Sarkisian will continue with the operation of the area and play action, he must take note of the Shanahan formations used. Many of them were intense, with a wide receiver siding within a narrow, a few yards away from the attack. This gives them enough space from the field to go left or right from the snap, and it also creates a lot of natural selection and rubbing methods. Hawks must continue to align receivers towards the middle of the field. Atlanta Valenz in the back Matt Ryan. nfl How the Atlanta Hawks deal with the worst loss in the history of Super Bowl

3. Something else the Hawks must continue to play the members of the base. By keeping the whole or the second narrow end on the pitch, the defense usually stays in package 4.3 or 3.4, where its layout and mathematical are more limited. It was surprising that Atlanta let Volpac Patrick DeMarco leave in a free agency. Was a large part of the concepts of core staff, especially as a major combatant in the operation of the area.

4. Expect to see their backs of Coleman and Definta Freeman on the field together. They are both top 10 NFL carriers, both of which can be broadly divided and win as receivers. Defenses will fight to determine who put in the field, not to mention the coverage of the connection, when these two are there. nfl Hurricane Irma: Why the NFL must move the Dolphins game bomber to week 11

5. Atlanta offensive line in great shape. Alex Mack, a revered leader about the facility, is one of the best zone blocking centers in the game. In the processing, Jake Matthews on the left side has flourished quietly to a smooth and steady technician. His feet became more efficient, making his hands more manageable. On the right side, Ryan Schrader is not a handful, but he is one of the few players in his office who doesn't need help by chip blocks or protect slides. • Accepted Archive: Read all the latest stories produced by Peter King and crew

6. Make the Hawks Super Bowl because their young defense greatly improved during the second half of the season. After the 28.3 points of the game were allowed before the 11th week goodbye, only 22 points were abandoned after the game (including playoffs). Several updates on the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott have arrived on Tuesday, but there is still uncertainty. nfl Morning correspondence: What's next for Ezekiel, Elliot?

7. Improvements were more pronounced in the centre. The rookie players were Dion Jones and Diego Campbell, as well as the first round of strong upward safety, Keanu Neil, played a more mentally pronounced, especially in coach Dan Quinn's basic 3 blueprint. The crimes have been taken to attack these men with deep roads by the receivers inside. After it turned out how to identify those, the rest of the defense tightened the screws. 8. Another specific improvement has been the defence at the secondary level. It is surprising that Atlanta High school got the best after Desmond Trovyou slipped, the top five crossed angles, with a torn waistcoat in Week 9. The long armed Gellen Collins was played abroad, and Robert Ford traveled with the number 1 receivers around the world, including in Aperture. In fact, he introduced Julian Adelman in Super Bowl 51. Collins has been suspended for 10 games (second violation), but the Hawks still have enough depth in Brian Paul, C.J. Godwin and Diego Olouille. Multiple backups will be called on. Two queen orders no more as the season progressed was playing the coverage of the man and using a four-pillar Dane package.