Saturday, September 9, 2017

English Premier League 2017 Preview

Big talking point: Manchester City vs Liverpool (Saturday, 12:30 pm) scenery. This was one of the last year's season games, with its teams full of pace and confidence, it should not disappoint this time either around. Despite its good shape, it continues to undermine both defensive vulnerabilities that--conveniently aligned with the two--dramatically high-dynamic lines, very powerful.

What will happen: a measure of what the Reds really are. Jürgen Club players entered the international victory in their victory uprising over Arsenal. The problem with that, of course, is that we don't yet know which team the result is most reflected. The middle line in Arsene Wenger was bad, and he did not interest him in Anfield, creating an impression of an irresistible team in Liverpool capable of delivering all the heavy punches. Pip Guardila would be almost relaxing in his approach, though, so this must prove a much more useful game.

What will not happen: again, Guardila will not be able to absorb all his offensive pieces. Rahim Sterling is now out of the bench to score in his last two games, Bernardo Silva presses for full-time full-time, most notably-Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus continue their mood for looking for a unilateral stand forward. It's a nice problem you have, but it's still a problem-there's a lot of agus to appease in Manchester City.

Arsenal vs Bournemouth (Saturday, 3 pm)

Great talking point: Take your choice: Deadline day wreck? Alexis Sanchez's relationship with his teammates? The mysterious financial situation of the club? There is more than one cloud looming over the UAE.

What will happen: The cameras will be trained on Sanchez; it's going to be one of those days. Arsenal will win, but expect the amateur body language experts to be field day with all facial expression expressions.

What will not happen: the difficulty here is that Bournemouth is not actually a strong enough opponent to make a lot of venting. Arsenal-must-win in this game, but will repair any of the cracks after the Enfield? Probably not. Given the events surrounding the new node, it was essential that Arsene Wenger start. Did not, yet he finds himself scribble to validate and do this with a band with some very clear shortcomings.

Brighton vs West Prom (Saturday, 3 pm)

Big talking point: lack of Brighton's goals. The absurd Megel Britos challenge in Vikarge Choi helped Chris Htun's team to first point in the Premier League, but they still find the network at this level.

What will happen: you will start worrying. How can you not be concerned for Brighton? They entered the band apparently dependent on Glenn Murray, 33 years old, and did not change the transfer window that. Jose Azkerdo of Bruges, which will help, is expected to be joined by Anthony Norkert will eventually find his rhythm now he's back from injury-but it's hard to know where the goals will be coming.

What won't happen: No more chances for goalie Matt Ryan. Heaton Tim Kroll from Newcastle admitted on the last day of the window--and everyone knows what that means.

Everton vs Tottenham (Saturday, 3 pm)

Big talking point: Mauricio Pokitino's full backs. Tottenham has been starved of pace from the deep so far this season, I had to rely on Kiran Trebert's half-favor, principled Ben Davis, and wet behind the ears Kyle Walker Peters to provide a leap forward. Serge Orrir is now signed but only after he returned from an internetnacional duty on Wednesday, it is not likely to feature.

What will happen: a first look at the new options for the attack. For the first time in three years, Tottenham will enter a game without relying entirely on one forward. Fernando Lorant joined from Sonsi, supposedly life from the bench, and will provide a fascinating "direct" variation the new manager needs to need.

What will not happen: Jordan Bickford may not be fit, forced to withdraw from the last England band with a muscle injury. Ronald Komen hopes that this is not the case--his signature was a young man of £ 30 million distinguished in the first three matches him in the league, and kept a pen during the recent playoffs of the European Championship with the Haggerty split. The goalkeeper's weakness was the great Everton before the arrival of Bickford, and this is not the moment it appears.

Lester vs Chelsea (Saturday, 3 pm)

Big talking point: if he can be reassured about playing, the direct return of Danny Drinkwater will be to his former Nadia. As it is, Antituri conté conflicts transfer may be a precedent: Is this a Chelsea band really equipped to compete with Manchester clubs?

What will happen: Lester is likely to have a new centralized association or even a different defensive form. Alexander Dragovic joined a loan from Bayer Leverkusen and is supposed to have promised the game