Saturday, September 16, 2017

Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 2017 preview

The fight was many boxing fans waiting to be held on Saturday at T-Mobile Plaza in Las Vegas. Canelo Alvarez (49-1-1 and 34 KO) will challenge the central weight champion of the OVA and K August Gennady Golovkin (37-0 and 33 KO) for the right to claim the king of 160 bonds.

The winner will also become a undisputed straw that raises boxing versus watching.

With Floyd Mayweather back, the race is on the next cash cow's crown in this sport. The British heavyweight Anthony Joshua is a candidate for this post, but Canelo has an inner path after having already fought Mayweather and Miguel Couto. Gulovine has been built nicely after too. If he can win over Canelo definitively, or at least he has a spirited and entertaining battle or two with the Mexican star, Golovkin brand will be lifted as well.

Because of this dynamic, this battle is huge. It's not just about headlines. The winner will have an measurable impact and will grow their earning potential exponentially.

Mayweather is the only opponent who got the best of Canelo, although some will say Aretha Lara and Austin Altanot deserve to be nodding in a close loss decision to a 27-year-old. Canelo is out of the unbalanced and unanimous decision to win the son Julio Cesar Chavez in May. Prior to that, he recorded successive victories on Liam Smith and Amir Khan.

The fighters will take to the ring at around 3:30 am UK time, but it can be postponed depending on the results in the Niedercard spells, so it can be more like am.

Golovkin was a knockout machine. Only four men managed to flee within the distance. As he dominates as he has been in his career, the major ways on G is his level of opposition. As of last year, Golovkin did not face any high-level opponents. Fighters like Daniel Gill, Curtis Stevens, Matthew McLean and Gabriel Rosado are all second-rate performers.

The gullovine bout against Killa Brook in 2016 put him against the most talented boxer he had encountered. Brooke showed the ability to drop solid shots against Golovkin, but the overweight weight proved to be too small for a strong catheter. Golovkin eventually stopped him in the fifth round, breaking the tropical bones above the brook's eye in the process. In March, Golovkin won a unanimous decision on Danny Jacobs in the toughest battle of his former career.

On March March, Golovkin won a unanimous decision on Danny Jacobs in the toughest battle of his former career. In fact, Jacobs had got a close decision, but I did not argue the formal decision because the fighting was very close.