Friday, September 29, 2017

AFL Grand Final Adelaide Crows vs Richmond Tigers 2017 Preview

The grand finale is finally here. Before the recoil, here's all you need to know about the upcoming showdown between Richmond and Adelaide.

The wait is finally on the two sides with the longest inactive major dry final. Adelaide competed on science in 1998, while Richmond was forced to wait 35 years long between drinks. Tiger fans are daring to dream but they will face an imposing opponent in the Ravens. Indeed, the elite has boasted of the elite like Captain Taylor Walker and the Bates Valley and the strong rear line that led Daniel following, where the heads the minor ministers to their supposed weakness--the middle line--to a formidable force with Rory Slocum and his brother Croch, Matt and Brad, gears.

But Richmond has a tremendous belief and momentum, not to mention the best player in the Pavel Danstein Martin. The game of suffocating pressure has proved too much for many opposition teams to overcome this season, and they have taken even higher in the World Cup finals.

Grand Final Teams


Backs R.Laird, K.Hartigan, J.Lever

HBacks P.Seedsman, D.Talia, L.Brown

Centre D.Mackay, R.Sloane, R.Atkins

HForwards C.Cameron, J.Jenkins, E.Betts

Forwards T.Lynch, T.Walker, R.Douglas

Followers S.Jacobs, B.Crouch, M.Crouch

Interchange R.Knight, J.Kelly, H.Greenwood, A.Otten

Emergencies W.Milera, A.Keath, R.O’Brien


Backs B.Ellis, A.Rance, D.Grimes

HBacks B.Houli, D.Astbury, N.Vlastuin

Centre K.McIntosh, T.Cotchin, J.Townsend

HForwards K.Lambert, D.Martin, J.Caddy

Forwards D.Butler, J.Riewoldt, D.Rioli

Followers T.Nankervis, D.Prestia, S.Grigg

Interchange S.Edwards, J.Graham, N.Broad, J.Castagna

Emergencies S.Hampson, C.Ellis, J.Short

Jack Reoldt leads a unique line that relies on a brigade of the smallest and most disadvantaged players who have got the job on the backdrop of their relentless work rate. Both coaches are named without changing the line emanating from the engagement. There were times last Saturday where I had thought that all the other colours of the spectrum keeping the yellow and black were banned in the MSG. The fans of the Tigers are seen during the final final Pavel II against Gus in the MSG. Photos: The msig will be pretty much a yellow and Black Sea on Saturday-but the Tigers won't have everything their own way. (August: Julian Smith)

AFL Grand Final - SATURDAY, Sept 30, 2017

* Adelaide v Richmond at MCG, 2.30pm

* Head to head: Crows 23 Tigers 12

* Last clash: Round 6 2017 - Crows 21.14 (140) bt Tigers 10.4 (64) at Adelaide Oval

* Head to head in finals: first finals meeting

* Grand final record: Crows 2 wins (1997, 1998), 0 losses; Tigers 10 wins (1920, 1921, 1932, 1934, 1943, 1967, 1969, 1973, 1974, 1980), 11 losses

* Tab Sportsbet: Crows $1.77 Tigers $2.10

* William Hill: Crows $1.67 Tigers $2.25

Tigers will definitely share the lion's support again, but unlike what is the case in the boot, there will be 94, 000 to 1,000 divisions in the fans. When Adelaide kicks a target, you will know about it-Crows fans, like their Tiger counterparts, are not quiet.

The big question is whether the Tigers will be able to feed the energy of the crowd, or alternatively, you will be able to ignore general frustration fans if they start missing the shots on the goal.